About Me

Joseph Angelo Rodriguez is an illustrator, writer, photographer, sculptor, and poet. He has been an artist and writer his entire life and he currently works in the field of freelance graphic design and photography for many different companies. Joseph Angelo has created many highly detailed pen & ink and pencil illustrations. He is currently working on a series of illustrations depicting gothic imagery from photographs he has taken.

Joseph Angelo’s  future artistic projects vary widely and include creating graphic novels, photography and illustration, writing novels and creating a variety of mixed media pictorial artwork.


Joseph Angelo’s artwork has been published in the book, “A Life of Ravens” by Alex Ness. He has created graphic designs for many companies such as Cool Media Productions and MDA Engineering. Joseph has done marketing consulting for a variety of businesses in many different industries. His photography work varies greatly and includes events, portraits, landscape, photography design, product photography, and more. To see some of the works of Joseph Angelo please explore this website.

To contact Joseph Angelo about commissions, projects, prints, and any other questions or comments please e-mail him at IAmJosephAngelo@yahoo.com.