Joseph Angelo has
created many pen & ink illustrations. He is completely self-taught. Showing on this page are just some of Joseph’s illustration.


These highly detailed fine-line pen & ink works of art can take many arduous hours. This takes an amazing amount of patience.


 To create these pen & ink illustrations Joseph employs many different tools, such as technical pens, brushes, India ink, and a tool that is seldom used in today’s computer age: the crowquill pen.


One of the types of styles that Joseph employs is called pointillism or stipple dot. This is the act of using hundreds of thousands of dots. Using this coupled with other fine-line techniques enable Joseph’s pieces to become incredibly lifelike, even though they are still just pen & ink.


St. Michael

Apollo Coin

Castle Graveyard
Published in A Life of Ravens by Alex Ness

The Death of Man